True Laser Track Guarantee

"You'll either buy, and use the True Laser Track, or you'll be following someone that did."

True Laser Track is the Best, the Easiest and the MOST Accurate Way

True Laser Track (TLT) makes Alignment Simple!

The True Laser Track is guaranteed 100% for life.  Our system is engineered to have NO problems, there will be NO recalls, this system has been extensively tested  both at the shop and the race track.  That is why we can stand behind our product 100%! We offer a 100% guarantee on workmanship, materials and the accuracy of the TLT as long as it is operated according to the manual. Try to find another 100% guarantee in RACING... If you don't drop or damage the TLT parts they will remain accurate FOREVER.  If a diode in the highly accurate lasers goes dim we will replace that laser at NO CHARGE once you have tested it using NEW batteries. The Lasers have a one year guarantee which covers any defect. If any questions about Laser Replacement AFTER warranty period, please call the office.

ANOTHER BONUS:  All TLT buyers get a set of custom shop towels FREE to use with the TLT chassis set up.  No more laying the adapters on the bare floor, NO MORE Floor debris on your adapters, simply lay the TLT on your shop towel.

One of our TLT users, a  Craftsman Truck Racing Team, visited us at our shop and said that another system was sent to them, they fooled with it for 3 hours and finally boxed it back up and sent it back. Too many pieces, too confusing, and not accurate enough. They have had the TLT system for a year now and the shop manager said "that is all they need".  The TLT is simple and accurate.

Are you convinced yet?

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